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In my trans-disciplinary practice, I produce interactive, multi-faceted events and performances that provide audiences and myself with space to consider complex ideas such as ownership of possessions and ownership over individual or collective thoughts. Many of my recent projects engage communities in conversations about things that cannot be easily measured, but define our shared human experience. During these events I act as facilitator, medium, or perhaps cultural worker, exercising acute listening, often performing absurd tasks designed to make audiences feel at ease. The Declaration and Preservation of Love and The HUMAN XEROX Project focus on consumerism and the complex relationship between humans and our possessions. Certifying the Truth and Everything is the truth address the subjectivity of truth and the power derived from sharing one’s own version of the truth. Conjuring Good Luck ruminates on good luck, how to get it, and our shared experiences of hardship and joy.

I create social, colorful, and inviting public presentations. I engage viewers and see them as experts on everyday life as well as current trends and attitudes. Together, we illustrate and illuminate our shared human experience.

I make feminist work insofar as feminism refuses a definitive answer and values multiplicity, complicated narratives, and the unexpected. My best work is sticky, complicates gender narratives, and celebrates successes and failures alike.

Lastly, I believe: that discussion is optimistic even and especially when it reveals larger societal problems; that engaging an audience’s creativity, compassion, and humor enriches contemporary art; that absurdity can be wholly honest and play is good.